Almost every SAP customer use ONLY a small % of the already included services in the Enterprise Support Annual Contract.


Want to learn more about what are you missing?


A true IT partner is key, not just to solve technical issues, but to support the whole business value chain:

– Reducing operational complexity

– Allowing new initiatives to run successfully.

SAP Enterprise Support simplifies the whole company operation helping it grow stronger with new and enhaced IT innovations.

“SAP Enterprise Support Proactiveness from the very first day, improving problem solving process”

Regardless of the structure of your SAP landscape: On premise, Cloud or Hybrid

SAP Enterprise Support works in 4 different ways through: 1. Collaboration, 2. Mission- critical support,

3. Empowerment and  4. Innovation & Value Realization



A whole team supporting your company  ( to get the most out of your SAP Enterprise Support Contract.

Benefit form the expert’s advice, learn more about the value of your contract.

Available services:


– Customer Interaction Center

– SAP Enterprise Support Advisory

– Customer Center of Expertise

– SAP Support Backbone

– System Data Maintenance



For key business issues such as: idle time of the production SAP environment, get remote support to reduce the associated risks by providing immediate attention.

With the use of continuous quality controls, your company will be able to take proactive measures to optimize operations and prevent mission critical issues:

– Sap Notes



When referred to SAP, one of the main objectives is to get the most out of that investment. One of the best ways to do it is provide the appropriate training for the end users to help them be successful.

– SAP Enterprise Support Academy
– Delivery Formats
– Service Details



Get services and support from different experts with one single objective : make the adoption of the new SAP technology : SAP HANAandSAP Cloud easier.

– SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

– SAP Solution Manager

– Business Scenario Recommendation

-Innovation Discoveryvice Details

Do you know you how to get the most out of your SAP investment ?

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