Currently companies have perfectly clear what is required to have greater dynamism to do business; we are seeking to improve quality, reduce costs and expenses, increase sales, well … generally we seek to be more competitive. In this context, Information Technology is a powerful resource but unfortunately few businesses take advantage or not used correctly.


Before answering what is a Center of Excellence say what it is not: a Center of Excellence is not a different name for an area of ​​SAP support nor is it a help desk, not a Shared Services Center; these conventional descriptions in the best departments seek to align IT with the business, in an effort to maintain operation of an ERP as a mere Software tool.

The result of these models is that they are “reactive” go formulas that only react by event or on demand and provide no real benefit to the business. Under this perception, having SAP ERP is a matter of having enough money, because it will eventually be seen as an expense and even as a “necessary evil”. Elaborating on the above is common to see businesses in these traditional schemes maintain their outdated SAP ERP and always at risk of arrest. In many occasions we see users without training , service applications mainly corrective, continuous requests to create countless reports or to build new things that come from users or addresses with more power in the organization , or simply because they have more ability to get approved regardless of how your request will benefit the business. Finally in this scenario nothing is predictable, you cannot plan anything in terms of budget much less in terms of clear and measurable benefits for the business.

Listed below are some of the characteristics of a Center of Excellence features:

  • No IT is used to improve (just improve) per se, it seeks to optimize only that which really can become a competitive advantage for business
  • Communication is based on terms and language of business, not technology
  • Proactive search for new business opportunities
  • Ability to convert business requirements into technology solutions
  • Rapid adaptation of business based on changing market conditions
  • He does not worry about the latest in technology, unless there is a real connection with the business.
  • It is strategic and tactical; IT portfolio designs, the Roadmap and determines budgets.
  • Results are measured in terms of KPIs and economic benefits.


The first step is to decide to create, be convinced and committed to the direction of the business. The second is the process adoption.

  • The General elements to create and adopt a Center of Excellence are:
  • Maturity Level Measurement Business and interpretation of the findings in terms of competitive advantage for business.
  • Based on the above create a strategy and tactics.
  • Determination of KPIs and benefits.
  • Creating the Master Plan of Implementation, organizational structure and definition of roles.
  • Change Management and enabling the organization for adoption.
  • Execution and implementation.
  • Management Center of Excellence.
  • Level Measurements audits and regular Maturity and continuity.

At Linktech we are the first to build improvements and indicators on international best practices for the Center of Excellence, besides being a SAP client with its Center of Excellence certified. We can help in the process of adoption and be an integral part of the Centre, we have enabled computer experts ready for project adoption.