User Experience

Beyond SAP GUI

Today’s trends in social networking are driving customer expectations of and demands for business software. Users want to run their businesses as easily as they run social apps on their smartphones every day.

SAP has over the past few years launched a set of user experience (UX) technologies that, combined with a problem-solving methodology called Design Thinking, revolutionizes the end-user experience.

LinkTech’s UX Services makes this state-of-the-art technology available to your company for not just increased usability, but improved data quality and overall productivity.

A Customized and Improved Look & Feel

We are all too familiar the customary blue SAP GUI screens with cryptic transaction names, hundreds of fields, tabs and options. There is a lot of power behind those transactions, but, do you need them all? Wouldn’t you like to automate and integrate tasks? Present an elegant user interface that represents corporate branding? Screen Personas is your solution.

SAP Screen Personas® is a new SAP technology for customers to customize & improve the usability of SAP’s traditional GUI technologies for an improved user experience.

  • Reduce screen complexity
  • Reduce the number of steps to complete a transaction or process
  • Integrate steps and transactions
  • Automate steps
  • Improve data quality (reduce data-entry errors)
  • Integrate corporate Image

Find out how to extend usability to mobile with SAP Fiori.

The Mobile Enterprise

Mobile has become a way of life and the preferred way of communication, and business operations and communications that do not reflect that shift will become extinct.

Stay ahead of the curve and give your employees and your customers what they have come to expect; apps with access to data and transactions on any mobile device, and a user interface that’s so intuitive to use it requires no training.

With already more than 200 business apps available, Fiori is SAP’s innovative answer to mobility. LinkTEch UX Services enables your SAP landscape to go mobile. We can integrate and enhance those apps to meet specific needs. Or we can create applications from scratch using SAP’s UI5 framework, a modern development tool based on open standards and technologies such as HTML 5 and JavaScript; providing usability for any device: laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

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