Project Management – SAP PS®

A Good Planning translates into an excellent Execution

Before starting a project it it important to consider the objectives and describe them precisely (including detailed activities). 

To be able to manage all the activities related to the execution of a project, these should be arranged according to their corresponding areas; to allow visibility, definition of responsibilities costs and revenue.

With SAP PS® the company will be able to integrate all the activities related to a Project Management, from Material Resource & Service Planning to Supply, and Finance Management.


Include SAP Screen Personas® to SAP PS to improve User Experience, SAP Fiori®, for mobility via with Design Thinking methodology.

Implemented in 8 weeks, our methodology allows us to do it!


  • Simplifies Project Management by integrating every related process.
  • Consolidatesproject’s information in one single place, avoiding the use of several isolated tools.
  • Coordinates related activities.
  • Give visibility and control of the resources and costs of a Project.
  • Give visibility of the Status of every Project.
  • Work with DMS documents to allow editing and upgrades to leave records of each movement for further reference

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