Plant Maintenance – SAP PM®

The processes related to maintenance are essential for a profitable business and for excelling in Customer Service

Planned or unplanned costs can affect the total value of the business 20-40%.Other costs attributed to e.g. down times for machine failures,increase the opportunity cost.

With SAP PM® companies can reduce these unplanned costs.

Add SAP Screen Personas® to improve User Experience, and SAP Fiori for mobility via Design Thinking Methodology.

Assets that require maintenance:

  • Assets that require maintenance:
  • Electrical installations
  • Distribution Infraestucture
  • Tools
  • Furniture
  • Fix Assets
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • Production Equipment
  • Measurement Equipment
  • Offices, Buidings
  • Computer Equipment
  • Spare Parts
  • And so on…


  • Increase functionality in SAP Systems
  • Deveoped with the industry best practices
  • Integrates with other SAP modules
  • Interphases for other systems/ tools can be developed

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