Roll Out options

We know that implementing and supporting SAP for a subsidiary located in Mexico is a complicated task due to the changing governmental regulations regarding billing, electronic accounting and tax reporting, which generate effects and impact on the ERP processes. In Linktech we are involved from scratch, in the implementation of SAP in Mexico or as part of an expansion strategy of a global company, with a strategic vision before a changing legislation.


What roll-out options are there?

Choose the one that best suits your company, but first, you must determine what the move will be like:

  To identify the business objective and operations in the new region. How similar will be the operation of the new plant or subsidiary in relation to the head office that the SAP system already has. Be clear if there are new operations to the headquarters.

  To define functionalities to be covered. What the new plant and/or subsidiary will do, and what information they need to obtain.

Once you are clear about the direction the company will take, you can evaluate the appropriate roll-out option..

  Similar operations: When the operation is similar or equal to the operation of the headquarters, it is opted for a roll-out configuration that requires slight adjustments, based on the corporate SAP global template.

  New operations: It requires a new or totally different implementation from the corporate one

The key to roll-out processes is to have full knowledge of local regulations, such as: compliance, government provisions, regulations, policies, and current local standards. Linktech links you with all the updates and adaptations necessary for your ERP, since we are experts in compliance.

In Mexico there are several regulatory compliances that must be considered during a roll-out project: VAT, special taxes for products, services and suppliers, withholdings, electronic accounting, local taxes and payroll benefits, among others.

How much control do you want from the Roll out?


There are different contracting models: the Full, Partial, and Hybrid service


Benefits that offers you the best of two worlds:

  • Local and International Presence.
  • Bilingual Consultants.
  • Remote support.
  • Full knowledge of the current fiscal and normative regulations in Mexico.
  • Industry knowledge.
  • Consultants located in Mexico and Latin America..

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