Manufacturing Industry

If electric power and gasoline continue to increase, there will be a significant impact on the production costs of companies. How to generate a maneuver margin for to absorb them?

Some measures to maneuver in a changing environment are: develop profitable growth; with presence in new markets abroad, making strategic investments in new marketing channels, constantly creating new products suitable for the consumer that increase sales, analyzing and specifying specific procurement opportunities that can make synergy with the current operation. All these measures require a reliable data integration platform.



At Linktech we have developed a qualified SAP solution for the manufacturing industry that allows us to face the main challenges and key processes of the industry. 

Link4 Manufacture is an ERP solution developed on SAP S/4HANA that facilitates profitable growth; consolidating the business, mitigating risks associated with the investment of the “commodities” maintaining an efficient logistic management within the entire value chain; it speeds decision-making – with business intelligence tools – in real time processing large volumes of information in reduced times.

Link4 Manufacture is a business management software in the manufacturing sector that improves operational efficiency and reduces operating costs. 

Our ERP solution helps companies to:

  • Improve attention and interaction with the client.
  • Align business processes, information and organization systems, reducing the TCO and increasing staff productivity.
  • Increase the efficiency and integration of sales planning and control.
  • Improve inventory visibility.
  • Facilitate the execution of promotion plans.

We connect component manufacturing companies of medium or corporate sizes with state-of-the-art SAP S/4HANA technology solutions so that all their productive and administrative processes are more efficient, transparent and simple.