LATAM Rollouts

For Subsidiaries in Mexico and LATAM

LinkTech Nearshore is highly qualified as an SAP partner to implement and support your business expansion to and operations in the Latin American/Mexico market; from FIT & GAP analysis if necessary, to project planning (including strategy for data migration), regulatory compliance with local and industry requirements, quality assurance, go-live and support post go-live.

  • Top SAP Partner in Mexico, with multiple references
  • Skilled resources experienced in USA models and local LATAM requirements and processes
  • Regional management with a cultural affinity for USA customer operations SAP Center of Excellence with SAP Enterprise Support tools
  • Bilingual resources for user training in selected language
  • Customization of certain processes and finance requirements for the Mexican market
  • Local / Remote support in Spanish and in CST time zone
  • Software factory specialized in Mexico’s business requirements (e.g. local government regulations and taxes, electronic accounting)
  • FIT & GAP analysis or Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS

Types of Rollouts

LinkTech manages the entire project

A global template is used as baseline, and additional requirements for business processes are added by the local company.

Linktech provides the team of consultants and project resources and customer company only designates key personnel to roll out the project with ASAP methodology.

Customer company manages project and hires selected LinkTech services “a la carte”

Customer company manages and staffs the complete team.

Linktech provides service packages for selected requirements (Accounting Invoicing, etc.).

Linktech can provide post go-live support locally.


Parent company manages project and LinkTech is involved part-time

The parent company manages project and provides majority of the consultants and resources for implementing the global template.

Linktech provides key consultants for local requirements and support.