We accompany you in all phases of the SAP life cycle

Linktech is the business partner that connects companies with the most advanced technological solutions, so as to make the productive and administrative processes more efficient. We’re a Mexican enterprise with 15 years in the market. We’ve made contribution to business growth as technological partner, handing successful implementations. In short term, we assure predictable projects with fixed cost.

We have a great experience in advanced platforms as S/4HANA, but we understand that technology is just one of necessary foundations of business success. Our services attend the client needs, from implementation, consultancy and support, no matter the size of the project.


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SAP S/4HANA On Permise and Cloud


Implementation of Licenses SAP & SAP Enterprise Support
Implementation of ERP Big Bang project or by phases
Additional modules or Industry Map


Support Staff Outsourcing on site/ offsite of SAP Custom Development.
Training on new technology


Optimizing and Adding Functionality to the
Support center for business processes.
Releasing of new functionalities
Business Intelligence and mobility
Footprint training of the growth of the solution


On Premise and Cloud

Accessible packages
Constant innovation
Processes and world-class infrastructure
Team dedicated 100% to the delivery center
International presence
Complete portfolio of SAP solutions