“Cloud will overcome traditional software, growing 5 times faster than the software market as a whole”

According to Gartner for 2018, companies will demand ERP project implementations that provide proven value in less than two years.

In Linktech we have different models for rent and platforms that will provide you with scalable environments to properly align your ERP strategy

SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud

Model for rent in which the Software is managed by SAP as a provider of cloud services. It includes licensing under subscription.

SAP Enterprise Cloud

 SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an integral infrastructure in the cloud and management for in-memory SAP applications, databases and platform.


  • Obtain absolute operational stability by working directly with SAP.
  • Forget to work with multiple suppliers, centralize everything with a single supplier.
  • Eliminate complexity in the management of contracts and suppliers.
  • Move CapEx costs to OpEx with a range of subscription-based pricing options.
  • Stay within budget and easily manage cash flow.
  • A single SLA contract.


Connect SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud with the latest innovations in Managed Platforms

Managed Plataforms

Choose the cloud provider that offers greater availability, performance, durability and flexibility of your SAP platform. We have different alternatives for providers of services managed in the cloud.

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