How to respond to the increase in demand and remain competitive and agile?

Today, the automotive industry in Mexico promises to be one of the fastest growing and expanding, demanding more and more competitiveness in the companies in the sector. The current challenge is to bring the technological advances that are appreciated today in each new and sophisticated car model, to the rest of the industry and its supply and marketing chain.


At Linktech we have developed a qualified SAP solution for the automotive manufacturing industry that allows us to face the main challenges and key processes of the industry.

Link4 Automotive is an ERP solution developed on SAP S/4HANA that improves the flow of electronic communication throughout the automotive production chain with customers and suppliers; streamlines the decision making – with business intelligence tools – in real time processing large volumes of information in reduced times.

Link4 Automotive is a business management software for Tier 1, 2 and 3 automotive industry suppliers that improves operational efficiency and reduces operating costs.

We connect automotive companies, whether they are medium or corporate, with state-of-the-art SAP S/4 HANA technology solutions so that all their productive and administrative processes are more efficient, transparent and simple

Our business management solution helps companies to:

  • Avoid costs or delays of merchandise with customers
  • Improve the exchange of information with suppliers
  • Manage inventories by location
  • Generate information analysis in real time
  • Execute planning of production in an intelligent manner