Do you know the importance of having an SAP support policy?

Surely you know the meaning of a policy and its benefits, such as having insurance for future circumstances, or, anticipate the mishaps.

The support policy not only provides a service to the crisis or problems of companies, it also serves as a “guardian angel” that accompanies you at all times and protects you against any incident in your SAP system

The clients with a Service Policy can choose, by periods or permanently, accelerated attention schemes to attend to all incidents and minor changes.

Advantages of having a support policy with Linktech

  • You obtain functional and development hours at your disposal.
  • Without long contracts.
  • Experienced and bilingual consultants.
  • Customized remote attention.
  • Guaranteed SLAs.
  • Knowledge of the industry.


  • Savings in payroll costs by not having to hire internal resources or free-lances.
  • Cost savings for incident prevention.
  • Savings on training.

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