About Linktech, Your SAP Partner

Linktech was born in 2003 as a supplier company of staffing services for large corporations. In 2010, LinkTech took an important turn in its evolution by taking a new vision of national and international expansion. This new stage had several decisive moments, such as the inclusion of new key areas for the company and the arrival of new talents, which would expand the SAP solutions and services portfolio.

We are passionate about innovating, dreaming, growing and learning something new every day that we can offer to our clients. This experience has led us to open new markets, regions, products and services. We are proud because in the last 6 years, Linktech has achieved a sustained growth of over 20%.

One of the reasons for this success lies in Linktech’s value offer, which we have dubbed “The Best of Two Worlds”, and which we like to explain with an anecdote. Four years ago, the company participated in a tender together with more than 10 companies … And we won. When we asked the technology director why, his answer was: “The main competitive advantage of the regional partners was the price, the flexibility and the attention they give to their clients, the one of the global partners was their infrastructure and knowledge, specially of the business processes. With Linktech, we realized that we could get the best of both types of partners. “Since then, we have been cultivating this winning combination, which has allowed us to define our trajectory of quality, attention and satisfaction for all our customers.




Our achievements


  • First SAP ERP Implementation successful in 14 weeks
  • First to offer SAP ERP as a service (SaaS) | CMMI-3 certification
  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • SAP Partner of the Year
  • First to implement Screen People (best SAP interface) | Opening of larger offices in Mexico City.
  • First implementation in Mexico of new SAP ERP platform S/4HANA | Inauguration of the new building totally dedicated to the Delivery Center | Office opening in Texas.
  • Creation of our own services, such as the receipt of invoices portal and the verification of travel expenses in a pure SAAS model.
  • Recognized as the SAP Partner with the highest number of go-lives in SAP S/4 HANA and the first to offer SAP S/4 HANA Private Cloud.

Ciudad de México
Av. Santa Fe No. 481, Colonia Cruz Manca, Santa Fe, C.P. 05349, Ciudad de México, D.F., México.

+52 (55) 4165-5465

Monterrey N.L.
Av. Hidalgo # 1539, Colonia Obispado, Monterrey N.L., México.

+52 (81) 8363-1800
+52 (81) 4165-5465

Dallas, Texas
5605 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, Texas, 75038, USA

+1 (469) 3517-747 (Toll Free)
+1 (844) 2345-465