All our services are covered with on demand support policies.



Our team provides remote, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level functional and technical AMS support for your SAP environment. 


An SAP support policy? Is it worth it?

Surely you are acquainted with the benefits of any SAP AMS support policy: assurance for future circumstances such as price increase, anticipation for future demand peaks, or assurance of SAP specialized support to cover the lack of inhouse resources.

But more than that our SAP support policy helps us become the extended arm of our customers, providing the needed support in one single place.

And the decision is yours, whether you like to get support for a specific period of time (hours, weeks, months) or an annual base contract, we are equipped to provide the service level attention your company requires.

Advantages of having a support policy with Linktech Nearshore

  1. Seasoned Functional and development hours at your disposal.
  2. No predefined contract terms, get the support you really need and keep the SLAs
  3. Savings on:
    • Payroll costs
    • Incident prevention
    • Training
  4. Unlimited users at no extra cost

How we do it?

Our team provides remote, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level functional and technical support for your SAP environment.

The process begins with a Ticket System that allows our Delivery Center to track all incoming service requests and define:

 > Support level (ticket priority determination)

 > Service level

 > Delivery Date

By the end of the month, our Delivery Center sends a monthly AMS report (PDF) along with an Account Statement for accountability.

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